Sealing Basement Costs

Basement Sealing and Waterproofing

Flooding or slow leaks in your basement can eventually cause damage to its perimeter and exterior, this has to be taken care of sooner rather than later, and a simple solution of sealing the area will do the trick. Average cost of $3800 is what homeowners pay to seal a basement and/or foundation, and minor repairs cost as little as $750. Drains, gutter work, and major problems, can go onward up to $9000 in costs.

Installing gutters:

If you don’t have gutters installed this might be adding to the reason water isn’t draining. So prior to sealing the home, you need to install gutters to prevent future issues. Although it will add to the cost of repairs, it is very important and worth the investment.

Cracks in foundation:

Check for cracks or crumbling prior to sealing the foundation. And, although it will increase costs, is essential prior to doing repair work. If you see a crack, you may need to dig below the surface for proper damage. No matter how well sealed the basement is, if there are cracks, it won’t do any good to seal the space, as water will still find its way in.

Sealant options:

Many paints and sealants are available, and cost will vary based on your choice. Make sure to speak to a specialist, learn what the benefits are for each sealant, and go from there in making your decisions.

Exterior waterproofing:

For new constructions, rubber waterproofing membranes are the costliest sealing options you can go with for your home. Rolled onto a liquid slate they are applied to the home’s exterior surfaces and will harden to a sealed finish around the perimeter of your home. Although it is a very highly effective method to seal the home, this is only an option for newer construction homes when choosing sealing methods for your home.

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