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Rainbow Waterproofing Company provides residential & commercial proven solutions for basement waterproofing to Suffolk NY Residents.

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If you want to seal your foundation against rain and waterproof your basement, Rainbow Waterproofing provides you a wide range of solutions to help you do that. We are one of the most widely known and respected general contractors in N.Y. Given our reputation, we stand by our principles and have only highly experienced professionals on our staff to take care of all your waterproofing needs. We also use a wide range of basement waterproofing methods and the highest regarded waterproofing products in the industry. We greatly value communication and that is why we will do everything to make sure that you’re happy with our approach to solving your problem, Guaranteed!!!


Sometimes we get a significant amount of rain on Long Island and when that happens, the rain will eventually penetrate the foundations of properties built with basements. If you had this happen to you before, then you’re fully aware of how problematic it can be. The water quickly seeps through cracks in the basement flooring and walls, as well as through basement windows, outside entrances, and through any pipe or line penetrating through a foundation wall below ground to outside of foundation leading to excess moisture, humidity, and in the worst-case scenario, flooding. When your basement is flooded or when water starts to seep in, it’s only a matter of time until you could generate a serious of troubling outcomes. Even if small quantities of rainwater seep into your basement, there is still a good chance that it will eventually damage your personal items and cause water damage to your finished basement as well as structural damage. Rainwater not only widens the cracks in your foundation, but it may also lead to the discoloration of your floors and walls. In most cases, rainwater causes mold to appear. Mold can be very dangerous and it’s well known for causing mildew damage to your items, unpleasant odors, and various respiratory ailments.