Foundation Repair Services

Rainbow Waterproofing Company provides residential and commercial proven solutions for foundation repair.

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  • Residential Repair of Foundation Cracks
  • Commercial Repair of Foundation Cracks
  • Repair of Foundation Bowing
  • Repair of Buckling Basement and Foundation Walls
  • Repair of Cracks in Poured Concrete

Do you have cracks in your basement walls, water or moisture penetration through or around pipes or lines that run through your foundation? 

Do you have a cement block foundation that is showing signs of wetness or seepage, cracking or deterioration? 

Do you have mold or mildew on your finished walls? 

These are signs of water damage and water infiltration that might be causing health issues, property damage or structural damage to your foundation. Foundation settlement can cause a lot of structural problems within your property. Fortunately, you don’t have to tear out your foundation from scratch to repair it, since there are much less intrusive ways to deal with such problems. Foundation movement and settlement that requires foundation repair can be caused by a wide range of factors. Some examples include lack of proper maintenance around foundations, improperly compacted or compressible compacted fill soils, and having your property sitting on expansive clay.

In general, it seems that older properties are a lot more susceptible to having foundation problems. Regardless of the cause, settlement can render your structure unsafe or negatively impact its value. If you suspect that your foundation is damaged, then you should address the problem as soon as possible. The more you wait, the higher the chances the foundation will be damaged even further, resulting in higher repair costs. Regardless of the type of foundation issues your having, there are proven common sense techniques available using the most effective materials and professional application to remedy every type of waterproofing need you may incur. Let the professionals at Rainbow Waterproofing assess the problem and fix it for you correctly Guaranteed, to prevent further damage to your home. Rainbow Waterproofing has a large portfolio of clients including thousands of satisfied residential customers over 30 years as well as premier builders, real estate companies, property management companies and private business owners in its large portfolio of jobs completed successfully, Guaranteed!!