French Drain Systems

Rainbow Waterproofing Company provides residential and commercial French Drain Systems.

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  • Interior French Drain System
  • Exterior French Drain System
  • Drywells
  • Grading Corrections
  • Drain Boxes
  • Liter and Roof Water Systems


If you are having problems with saturated areas or ponding of water on the exterior of your home that can cause water damage to your home and basement as well as causing areas of your property to be unusable for foot traffic etc. there are various types of exterior French drain systems and drainage systems that might best suit your needs such as, drywells, grading corrections, drain boxes, liter and roof water systems to take roof water away from the foundation and more. Each home is different, therefore Rainbow waterproofing can custom design the best system that fits your home’s needs.  Each home is unique and requires the special attention and diagnosis of a true professional.  Rainbow Waterproofing is proud to be one of the top providers of basement waterproofing solutions on Long Island.  Our services include basement waterproofing, foundation repair, interior and exterior drainage systems, crawl spaces,window-well systems, interior and exterior French drain systems, sump pump systems, mold remediation, liter systems, grading, drywells and much more resulting in giving our customers a worry free and safe environment for their homes on Long Island for 30 years, Guaranteed!!

There are many situations that may call for a French drain system….


If you have water penetration up from the bottom of your basement floor it is usually caused by a high-water table (rising water), hydro static pressure (water being pushed up by lack of soil drainage usually hard soil or clay), or if you have a cement block foundation (hollow walls that can fill with water).  An interior French drain system would be the remedy for you.  An interior French drain system consists of installing perforated drainage pipes below basement floor to catch water below the basement floor level and move water to a collecting point in your basement (sump pump canister) where it can be collected and pumped out to an optimal location.